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I am a naturalist and amateur photographer from New England. I graduated from Cornell University in 2015 with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and recently finished up a masters of professional science degree in Exploration Science at the University of Miami. I like birding, nature photography, and basically anything active outdoors.

Tawau Hills Park

We’re here at Tawau Hills, and the bird life is amazing. Of our target taxa, we’ve detected four species of broadbill, three species of pitta, three tailorbirds, and a ton of babblers. It is tough to see the birds, but … Continue reading

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Around Kota Kinabalu Airport

First full day in Borneo, and the trip-list is already growing. After waving goodbye to the 6 members of the crew shipping off to Tawau, Wink and I hung back at the airport for a little while before heading to … Continue reading

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