Back in the US

Once again, apologies for how little we were able to post on this blog in Borneo!  We’re back in the US now after about 48 hours of travel and many of us have gone our separate ways, at least for the next few weeks until the semester starts.  However, we will still be posting on the blog about the things that happened during our trip (there were a bunch of things we wanted to post about during the trip and never were able to) and the results of our experience.  Some of us might also upload some more pictures to the blog as well.

Also, CEFO is not over now that we’re back from Borneo.  Another crew will be heading back to Tawau Hills park some time soon (perhaps in February) and hopefully they can also use this blog.

For right now, I have to go back to cataloguing receipts from the expedition.  Dan and I have done 112 and we have about 600 to go it looks like.  A little less fun than chasing pittas!


About Teresa Pegan

I'm a rising sophomore at Cornell majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I've loved watching birds since I was little, and I'm looking forward to my first visit to the tropics. With me in my profile picture is an adorable lost baby Common Eider which I helped rescue on Appledore Island this summer during one of Cornell's Shoals classes.
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