7/13/12 update

Our projects have been going pretty well! Our pitta catching attempts continue and we hope to tag another Pitta ussheri soon. So far we haven’t seen evidence of pittas breeding, but we will use whatever birds we catch to find out about their territory sizes and daily movements. The lack of nests may be because pittas don’t breed at this time here – the window of breeding for tropical birds is very long (nearly all year long) and specific breeding times for pittas are poorly known – but it could also be that pittas are just very secretive. We’ll see….
Our radio tracking has helped us follow wandering groups of babblers and determine that there are at least two groups of Dusky Broadbills living around here, something we never would have known otherwise. Neither group has led us to a nest, but we aren’t short on nests these days! Justin found a trogon nest, a pair of eggs sitting in a hole in a stump, and it may be from a species whose nest has never been described in Borneo. We also have an active nest of a Scaly-crowned babbler, one of our target taxa. This morning I spent a few hours watching and videoing it and saw the incubating adult chase a giant ant away from the nest. Most excitingly, we have an active Black-and-Yellow Broadbill nest, which is one of the most important things we had hoped to find. We’re looking for a tree nearby that we can climb so that we can see the nest from the canopy.


About Teresa Pegan

I'm a rising sophomore at Cornell majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I've loved watching birds since I was little, and I'm looking forward to my first visit to the tropics. With me in my profile picture is an adorable lost baby Common Eider which I helped rescue on Appledore Island this summer during one of Cornell's Shoals classes.
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