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Photography and natural history

Photographing and filming here has made me realize how precious light is within the jungle! So far, I haven’t worn sunscreen at all; it has been quite unnecessary since the entire forest canopy acts as a pretty effective sunblock. In … Continue reading

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To the mountains!

On the evening of July 10th, a contingent of our crew decided to hike to the mountains Lucia and Magdalena the next day. We went with hopes of finding montane bird species we hadn’t yet seen, especially those on our … Continue reading

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7/13/12 update

Our projects have been going pretty well! Our pitta catching attempts continue and we hope to tag another Pitta ussheri soon. So far we haven’t seen evidence of pittas breeding, but we will use whatever birds we catch to find … Continue reading

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We haven’t been able to keep up with the blog as often as we would have liked, partly because our internet situation is a lot worse than we expected it would be, but also because we’ve been very busy out … Continue reading

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Tawau Hills Park

We’re here at Tawau Hills, and the bird life is amazing. Of our target taxa, we’ve detected four species of broadbill, three species of pitta, three tailorbirds, and a ton of babblers. It is tough to see the birds, but … Continue reading

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