Around Kota Kinabalu Airport

First full day in Borneo, and the trip-list is already growing. After waving goodbye to the 6 members of the crew shipping off to Tawau, Wink and I hung back at the airport for a little while before heading to the KK Times Square to get our collection permits. At the airport, we were able to net a nice little list of Bornean birds, including these highlights:

3 White-breasted Waterhen, (one was a baby)

1 Slaty-breasted Rail (seen briefly)

1 Greater Coucal (seen more briefly)

2 Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker

2 Olive-backed Sunbird (Incredible views of a male in clean plumage)

4 Yellow-vented Bulbuls

1 Little Spiderhunter

4 Yellow-bellied Prinia

At the Times Square, we also saw a couple geckos and a very large but very dead moth. Wink and I will be heading over to Tawau this afternoon, where the real expedition begins…


About Brian Magnier

I am a naturalist and amateur photographer from New England. I graduated from Cornell University in 2015 with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and recently finished up a masters of professional science degree in Exploration Science at the University of Miami. I like birding, nature photography, and basically anything active outdoors.
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1 Response to Around Kota Kinabalu Airport

  1. doria says:

    Be careful and come home safely! Love you! Doria and Mike

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